Change towels and
waterproof ponchos
Grab your HOODED, slip it on and change away!
Hooded products are made with quality and endurance in mind.

Hooded change towels

A practical solution

No more embarrassing, awkward changes at the beach car park or the pool change room. Take your hooded to the gym, swim club, sport carnivals, water park and even camping. Ideal for all occasions.

• Hooded change towels are 100% cotton terry toweling.
• Popular with kids, teens and adults.
• Perfect for warmth and comfort.
• Dry off with ease and privacy.
• Excellent protection from the elements.

Hooded waterproof ponchos

Waterproof and warm

The poncho outer layer is made from 5000ml waterproof nylon protection with a soft absorbent microfibre-toweling for the inside layer with an internal pocket.

• Perfect for cold, windy and rainy days outdoors.
• No need to mess around with the umbrella or hide in the shelter – stay AT the action, warm and dry in your poncho.
• Oversized to get changed under.
• Keep your car seat dry after water sports


NSW Country Short Course Swimming Championships Pop up Shop 

Genea Netball Centre, Waratah Room
2 Olympic Blvd,  Sydney Olympic Park
Fri 06 July 18   12pm – 6pm
Sat 07 July 18    7am – 5pm
Sun 08 July 19   7am – 2pm

Lismore Outdoor Leisure Show 

Lismore Showground
Alexandra Parade, Lismore
William Smith Pavilion
Friday 13 July until 15 July 2018
9am – 4pm daily

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